Branding is a process of shaping your brand identity in the market, it talks about who you are, what your mission, values and most importantly what makes you special. Let’s take a look at the solutions offered by The Blue Intellect, the best branding agency in Pune.

Brand Name



Selecting a distinctive name for your brand can  be a challenging task, but there’s nothing to worry about as we have got it covered for you.

You should consider five key elements before selecting a brand name,

It should be unique

It should be creative

It should be remarkable

It should be easy to understand and remember

It should be relevant to your business

It should represent your business goals, mission and vision.

To satisfy all the above conditions while selecting a brand name can seem to be an uphill battle.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem primarily, when you have a creative partner taking care of all your branding needs, having The Blue Intellect as your branding partner can help you to resolve all the stumbling blocks.

We have a bunch of talented professionals that can brainstorm to generate a variety of names to select a perfect one for your brand.

Logo Design



Discover the magic of creativity and the significance of a powerful brand logo, we make a logo that stands out from the competition, and portray a strong brand personality matching your brand’s purpose.
Logo design is the process of in depth research, understanding of the brand personality and its purpose to carve a definitive design that speaks for you.

What comes to your mind

when you see this logo?

What recalls immediately when you see it? Iphone isn’t it?

And the values associated with it viz trust, build quality, privacy, the camera and sound quality, etc. This is the power of a strong brand logo, it reminds you of the product and so many features and values associated with it.

Wasn’t that surprising?

It’s more than sufficient to make you understand the significance of a promising brand logo!, Isn’t it?

Logo designing is a process that involves streseous yet enjoyable process that forms a process loop involving design brainstorming, understanding color psychology and patterns and the values and mission of the company along with various products and services it offers.

Branding process is incomplete without a remarkable logo that perfectly represents the company at each level.

Take the first leap and kickstart your incredible branding journey with The Blue Intellect.

Package Design



Attractive design is what makes a package tempting for the customers to buy the product. Think about the process of product selection when a customer is scanning through a heavily crowded shelf containing lots of products from different brands. You have a very short time to make an impression and it is important to grab the attention of the customer from the crowd and this is only possible when your design stands out.

A great design is a reflection of what’s inside the package, customers often prefer a well packaged product as the visual presence conveys a clear message clear to the customer.

Package design conveys the quality and personality of the product, an attractive graphical and well structured package will make sure that the customers walk away with your products in their hands.

Get in touch with our design experts to know the strategies and design secrets to create an irresistible package design.

Brand Positioning

Wasn’t that surprising?

To understand brand positioning better we will refer to one of the famous quotes by the “Father of modern marketing” Philip Kotler, he defines brand positioning as “the act of designing the company's offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market”.

In a heavily competitive market where everyone is trying to make it bigger and find a prominent space in the market they are serving in, there are higher chances that you may end up replicating your competition in some way or the other, this may leave you unnoticed.

To avoid this it's important to develop a great brand positioning strategy, to help you stand apart from the competition and make a special place in your customers mind. Aligning your actions in a way to position your brand, it’s important to monitor what you do? How you do it? And why you do it?

The Blue Intellect is the best branding solutions agency that will help you to identify market demand and amplify your strength to capture significant market share. We develop best branding strategies to uniquely position your brand in the market to achieve your desired goals.

You are just a step away from devising a perfect brand strategy that will lead you to be best in the market.

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